About Me

Dr Tim Read is an adult psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He was Consultant at the Royal London Hospital for over twenty years leading the Liaison Psychiatry service and the Crisis Intervention service. He has held administrative posts such as Clinical Director and Clinical Tutor but his main activities have always been clinical work.

Tim Read sees adults who would like help with depression, anxiety, post traumatic states, acute crisis, spiritual emergency or any other manifestation of distress.

The aim of consultation is to develop a holistic understanding of the issues and work towards not just symptom relief but more deep-seated change and personal growth. While medication sometimes has its place, Dr Read prefers psychological approaches to treatment.

Tim Read has completed trainings with the Institute of Group Analysis and the Grof Transpersonal Training and an interest in:

  • Archetypal psychology
  • Mindfulness based treatments
  • Brief psychodynamic psychotherapy

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Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is the main professional organisation of psychiatrists in the United Kingdom, and is responsible for representing psychiatrists, for psychiatric research and for providing public information about mental health problems.

Consultant Adult Psychiatrist at The Child & Family Practice

Consultant at The Child & Family Practice. The Child and Family Practice are located in the heart of London and offer a high quality multi-disciplinary service to children, teenagers and adults.

Author of Walking Shadows: Archetype and Psyche in Crisis and Growth.

This book is about these high intensity mental states as found in the psychiatric emergency room, in everyday life, in psychotherapy and in spiritual practice. How can we understand this archetypal layer of psyche and how can we work with its power to promote psycho spiritual growth?
Dr Tim Read